Over 30 million people including tourists and visitors pass through Ciudad Obregon each year. Surrounded by scenic mountain views and located only 1 hour from the inviting coastlines adjoining the Sea of Cortez, Ciudad Obregon has become a popular all-year-round tourist destination.



Yaquis Tribe

Ciudad Obregon as the city is known today has a deep-rooted history stemming from the Native American Ethnic Yaqui Group that defended their territory and culture and maintained independence from the Spanish Colonists in the 1700’s.

The Yaquis to this day still practice traditional medicine with the use of herbs and ointments and continue to celebrate important festivities with traditional dance rituals and music unique to this indigenous tribe. Find out more information here

Arts, Theatre and Music

Music, theatre and visual arts play a very important role in Ciudad Obregon’s day-to-day culture. We house several art galleries that regularly present exhibitions produced by local, national & international artists

Many visitors to our vibrant city often enjoy the experience of the regular live music and theatre performances held at the Oscar Russo Theatre, providing top quality entertainment for families, children and individuals of all ages.

Regional Food

Renowned for our diverse food culture, Ciudad Obregon regularly receives many compliments from tourists and visitors who come to experience some of Sonora's best cuisine dishes. We have built a solid reputation for the quality of our seafood dishes prepared with only the freshest locally caught fish.

Whether on business or simply for pleasure, if you’re planning to visit Ciudad Obregon soon be prepared to enjoy the culinary delights of our quality food establishments.

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