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Sending letters within Mexico from Ciudad Obregon

Correos De Mexico is the official Government run Mexican postal system.

To send letters from Ciudad Obregon to somewhere else within Mexico using the government system you need to visit a post office to weigh your item and apply the correct postal rate. Unlike some countries where you can purchase postage stamps from convenience stores, supermarkets and other retail outlets, stamps are only available from post offices in Ciudad Obregon.

Delivery speed

Sending a letter to a local town, village or city within the state of Sonora it can take up to 5 days to arrive at its final destination. If you are sending mail to other states within Mexico, it could take slightly longer depending on the destination.


Postal rate prices change from time to time - Below is a general guide to postal rates for sending letters and postcards with a maximum weight of 1kg (1000 grams) within Mexico. PLEASE check with the local post office for the latest and most up to date information.

Maximum Allowances:

Maximum Allowances
Weight 1000 gr.
Length 458 mm
Width 324 mm

General Price Guide

Weight in Grams Price in Mexican Pesos
20 gr. $6.50
40 gr. $7.50
60 gr. $9.00
80 gr. $10.00
100 gr. $12.50
200 gr. $14.00
300 gr. $15.50
400 gr. $18.50
500 gr. $20.50
1.000 gr. $27.50

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