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Mexican Customs Allowances

If you come to Mexico from any country, there are limits on the amount items & goods you can bring with you, without paying duty.

The full list of allowable items is documented on the customs entry form that you must sign at the port of entry. Allowances are subject to change without notice.

The amounts you are allowed


If you are carrying more than US$10,000, or its equivalent in other currencies, in cash, checks, money orders or any other monetary instrument, or a combination of them, you must declare the amount exceeding US$10,000. You will not have to pay duties or taxes, but you must declare it on the Customs Declaration form. Failing to declare it is a violation of Mexican Law and such violation is sanctioned with administrative and even criminal penalties.

Air transfers

If you arrive by air and are transferring to another flight within Mexico, at the transfer point you need only declare goods in your hand baggage. You do not declare your hold baggage until you collect it at your final destination.

Further information

For further information about Mexican Customs and Allowances, visit the Mexican Customs web site at

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