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Prohibited & Restricted Goods

To protect health and the environment in Mexico, various items and goods are prohibited or completely banned from being brought into the country, whilst some others are simply restricted. Below, we have listed some examples, but be aware that these are only a small selection of goods prohibited and restricted in Mexico. If in doubt, you should visit the Servicio de Administración Tributaria website.

Prohibited goods

In accordance with the Law of the General Taxes of Import and Export, the following products are prohibited for the import and/or export:

For effects of the Customs Law, the import or export of prohibited merchandises is causal so that the customs authorities come to a precautionary distraint from said merchandises and the means of transport. Likewise, it constitutes an infraction related to the import or exports of this type of merchandise and is sanctioned with a fine: Therefore, these merchandises happen to be property of the Federal State, regardless of the penal sanctions establishes by the Penal Code.

Restricted goods

Firearms and ammunition. In order to import firearms and cartridges you must secure an import permit from the Ministry of Economy and from the Ministry of National Defence.

Items prohibited for hand luggage (airports)

In light of recent international security threats, allow extra time when you are at the airport for the increased security checks, and ensure you do not carry any of the following in your hand luggage:

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