Medical Information

Emergency Treatment in Ciudad Obregon

In the event of an emergency

Dial 060 or 066 for an ambulance.

If you become poorly while visiting Ciudad Obregon, you will be eligible to pay for any emergency treatment you may receive, which you can claim back on your travel insurance.

You are strongly advised to take out adequate insurance before travelling to any part of Mexico and your travel agent will be able to suggest a suitable policy.

Being the second-largest city in Sonora, Ciudad Obregon obviously reflects its status by the high quality of private hospitals and doctors it has. Many of its medical doctors in these hospitals have excellent Mexican medical education, and many have trained abroad in Europe or North America.

Obtaining treatment

If you are unwell during your visit to Ciudad Obregon, first consult a pharmacist in Ciudad Obregon. They will advise on medical treatments available over-the-counter. 

Medical clinics

If the pharmacists are unable to help you, or your symptoms become worse, we advise you to go to a medical clinic and seek advice from a specialist medical professional. A consultation will cost around $200 Mexican Pesos and there are many private medical clinics based in Ciudad Obregon.

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