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Markets in Obregon

Escape from the streets and discover the some of the hidden treasures that await you in Ciudad Obregon’s indoor markets… We are home to two extremely large indoor market centres where you can find almost anything. Traditional Mexican and locally made souvenirs, hand crafted Mexican silver jewellery and much more beckons you!

Address: Galeana Y California, Colonia Comuripa, Ciudad Obregon
Zip Code: 85140

Mercado Municpal Mercajeme

Immerse yourself within the depths of one of Ciudad Obregon’s largest and diverse shopping markets to discover a few treats whilst mingling with the locals and experiencing the original shopping culture that makes this vibrant city come alive.  Mercado Union Mercajeme was opened in 1945 when Ciudad Obregon had a population of just 18,000 inhabitants.

Built on two levels and housing over 150 indoor market stalls selling everything you can imagine, whether you are shopping for gifts or simply treating yourself, you will certainly be spoilt for choice. Amongst many if the hidden gems you will find a variety of traditional Mexican silver jewellery stalls, many clothes stalls selling anything from the latest fashion to traditional Mexican garments, locally made candy and confectionary and a diverse range of food outlets.  

Mercado Union

Mercado Union is where almost everybody who lives in Ciudad Obregon goes to purchase their groceries.

Being the agricultural city of Sonora, every morning the freshest locally cultivated fruit and vegetables are delivered to be sold at this market. 

The busiest period of the day is usually between 10am and 2pm, where you will see locals flock to the market to buy the best of the pickings. However, it is not just fruit and vegetables that you can find here! You will also be able to purchase the best cuts of meat and large quantities poultry for extremely good prices, and to top that off, local caught seafood is a speciality often available, again at a bargain price.

No matter how long you plan to stay in Ciudad Obregon, we recommend you sample some of the delights available in Mercado Union.

Address: 5 de Febrero, Galeana y No reeleccion, Ciudad Obregon, Sonora
Zip Code: 85000

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