Toll Charges in Ciudad Obregon

Mexico Toll Roads

Mexico has very efficient and extensive toll roads system, which has been funded and built using Federal taxes.

Toll Road Charges

When travelling on the Toll Roads in and around Ciudad Obregon you will need to pay a fee, which goes towards improving and maintaining the road conditions and providing free roadside recovery in the event of a breakdown or accident.

The Toll charges are calculated on how many axles you motor vehicle has, and most car and motorcycle toll charges on roads located around Ciudad Obregon are usually under $60 Mexican Pesos per charge.

The road toll charges can be paid in U.S. currency as well as Mexican currency, however any change from paying in American Currency will be issued in Mexican currency only.

How to identify a toll road

To find the toll roads in Mexico you should watch for the sign that says "COUTA" this word informs you that you will be paying a fee to drive on this road. If you are not on the Toll Roads you will be on the free roads or "Via LIBRE".

Keep You Toll Road Ticket

While travelling on the Mexican Toll Roads you will be issued with a ticket after you have paid the fee.

Make sure you keep this ticket because it provides you with insurance while travelling on the toll road. If you are involved in an accident or crash your vehicle, your receipt will ensure you avoid paying any road repair or maintenance charges, and if your car should break down your ticket will provide you with free roadside assistance.

The roadside assistance whilst driving on toll roads is provided by the Green Angels, who are the Mexican equivalent of the AAA in the United States and the AA or RAC in Europe.

The Green Angels can be contacted directly on (01) (55) 5250-8221. If you are unable to call them, pull off the road and lift the hood of your car, chances are they will find you.

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