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Whether you are planning on flying, travelling by bus / coach or driving to Ciudad Obregon, Visit Obregon has the essential information about all the transport options available to, from and around the city.

Information for visitors travelling by Air or Road to  Cd. (Ciudad) Obregón, Sonora, México.

Travelling to Ciudad Obregon

We have all the essential information any person planning to visit Ciudad Obregon will need to make their journey much easier. In this section, you can find information about Ciudad Obregon’s airport, airport transfer services and information for people planning to visit Obregon by bus / coach.

Information for visitors and locals travelling within  Cd. (Ciudad) Obregón, Sonora, México.

Travelling in and around Ciudad Obregon

However you choose to explore Ciudad Obregon, here you will find practical information about the public transport options available in the city. How the public bus system operates and how to use it, Car rental information, National bus services and schedule information, traveling by taxi – how to use these services, and information about domestic flights to and from Ciudad Obregon.

Learn the rules of the road and prepare yourself for a good experience whilst driving in  Cd. (Ciudad) Obregón, Sonora, México.

Driving in Obregon

If you are planning to drive in and around Ciudad Obregon during your visit, here you can find essential information for making your driving experience a memorably pleasurable one. Learn the rules of the road, what to do in the event of an accident, drink driving laws and much much more

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