Nightlife in Ciudad Obregon

Nightlife & Evening Entertainment in Ciudad Obregon

As the sun begins to set over the Ciudad Obregon, everybody prepares for the nocturnal activities that bring this vibrant and youthful city alive.

Bars & Nightclubs

There are so many interesting places to go for a fun night out in Obregon. There are lots of bars and great nightclubs to suit everybody’s tastes. Whether you’re a rocker, a pop freak or a disco junkie, you will certainly be impressed by the live music scene, not to mention the rhythmic sounds of northern Mexico’s Banda and Nortena style music, a very popular style of music followed by many in Ciudad Obregon.

The main nightclubs in Ciudad Obregon provide a lively and fun atmosphere. The most popular and fashionable spots in the city are located on Miguel Aleman Avenue, where many locals and tourists like to go dancing or hangout until early hours, especially during the weekends.

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Pool houses & Sports bars

For a fun filled start to the evening, what better way to begin your night than with a large cool jug of Mexican beer, a few cocktails and some competitive fun with your friends playing 9-ball pool? Ciudad Obregon is home to several pool bars where you can let loose and show of your talent racking up a few points against your compadres, and they are open until late most weekdays and weekends.

If sport is your passion, why not head off to a local sports bar where you can mingle with the locals over a few jars of the finest beer whilst watching a variety of live mainstream sports entertainment including football, baseball, boxing and basketball to name just a few.

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Movies & Cinemas

If you’re a movie buff or simply looking for an alternative to partying at the local nightclubs, Ciudad Obregon houses two multi-screen cinema complexes where you can watch the latest cinema releases in both English and Spanish whilst snacking on a few treats. Movies are viewable all day until about 1am and for less than $50 pesos for adults and $30 pesos for children, which makes visiting the cinemas an extremely affordable activity for the whole family.

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Eating out

Ciudad Obregon is Sonora’s capital of cuisine, and eating out with friends and family is a favourite evening activity for many. Whatever your tastes, be them taco’s, Italian, sushi or the best tasting beef in Sonora, Obregon has it all. There are many restaurants, providing a variety of dining atmospheres, from vibrant and modern settings to traditional rustic Mexican scenes, so if you are a family who is looking for a quiet evening out, or a group of young revellers filling your bellies before enduring a heavy night on the town. Many Restaurants are open until early in the morning, and in many places, you will find live music entertainment and a menu of assorted cocktails to wash all that tasty food down.

Alternative Activities

If you are looking for something alternative, maybe a quiet night out in the fresh air, or somewhere the whole family can get together and have fun, Ciudad Obregon caters for you to.

Laguna Del Nainari

One of our cities most popular places for families to go to is the Laguna Del Nainari. As the sunsets and the moon begins to dominate the sky, many families and friends head off to the Laguna to relax and unwind. Here amongst the many visitors and evening exercise enthusiasts, you will find a very tranquil setting, which overlooks a lake that shimmers under the Luna lights. Many snacks bars and fresh coconut stalls with ample seating areas await you, and nearby there is a free sports area where families can participate in activities such as short tennis and basket ball.


If you are looking for something a little more active, why not venture off to show your kingpin talents at the local bowling centre. Families and children are welcome every day of the week, but if you visit on Tuesday, you will get to play two games for the price of one. It is reasonably priced too, a family of four can have a fantastic evening out for as little as $250 pesos, including shoe hire, snacks and beverages.

For more information about Obregon’s bowling facilities, visit the entertainment section in our the tourist directory.

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