Attractions & Events in Ciudad Obregon

Ciudad Obregon is thriving with culture and offers plentiful activities and events throughout the year. You can enjoy traditional Mexican cuisine and savour some of the mouth watering scrumptious regional dishes, and even sample a variety of first class world cuisine that we have to offer. We have great all-year-round children’s entertainment and activities for the family with ample places of interest for those who like to make the most of their visitors’ experience.

Food & Drink

Welcome to a city of culinary experiences! There’s nothing better than tantalizing your taste buds and the feeling of satisfaction after a great enjoyable meal. In Ciudad Obregon, you can literally taste the world. Explore our diverse food culture and sample some of our regional food and drink.

History & Heritage

Follow the roots of the Yaquis tribe and explore how Ciudad Obregon came to be… A city packed full of history heritage with important towns and villages waiting to be discovered by newcomers.

Museums & Galleries

Ciudad Obregon is thriving with cultural interest. With a handful of galleries and a National Geographic award winning museum, you'll never be short of interesting things to discover - visit our museums and galleries.

Night Life

For those who like to wind come alive after dark, Ciudad Obregon’s nightlife offers something for everyone. Bars, nightclubs, live music and social activities, we have plenty of options to suit everybody’s tastes.

Outdoor Activities

Soak up the sun, whilst enjoying the numerous outdoor activities Ciudad Obregon has to offer! No matter what time of year you visit, the sun always shines bright and the weather is always warm, so make the most of your stay whilst relaxing and enjoying our offerings with your friends and family.


Obregon is packed with a diverse array of shopping facilities offering top quality, enormous variety, shopping centres, department stores, and traditional markets providing great value.


Obregon is alive with a diversity of sports pursuits ranging from; baseball, basketball, golf and horse racing – to name a few, and is home to the Sonora famous Yaquis Baseball team.

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