History & Heritage in Ciudad Obregon

Ciudad Obregon - a young city with old roots

Ciudad Obregon is young in terms of age, but culturally it has a deep-rooted history stemming from the Native American Ethnic Yaqui Group that defended their territory and culture and maintained independence from the Spanish Colonists in the 1700’s.

From way back then to the recent past, Ciudad Obregon is home to some of Sonora’s greatest riches.

Being the agricultural heart of Sonora you will find landmark buildings, important monuments, and impressive structures in the centre of the city and surrounding countryside, towns and villages.

Seven kilometers from the city, you will discover the first of eight historical Yaquis towns – Bacum, Belem, Cocorit, Huirivis, Potam, Rahum. Torim and Vicam, all of which have significant historical importance to the development of Ciudad Obregon.

Unique traditions maintained in a modern society

The Yaquis to this day still practice traditional medicine with the use of herbs and ointments and culturally celebrate important festivities with traditional dance rituals and music unique to this indigenous tribe.

Export and trade is a fundamental asset to Ciudad Obregon, being located 1 hour away from the international port of Guaymas that we use for exporting locally made produce all around the world. We are also close to many beautiful scenic tourist beaches including Huatabampito and San Carlos, rich in marine life and common for spotting dolphins close to the shorelines.

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