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Huatabampito - The Perfect Beach Resort

Located close to the coastal town of Huatabampo is the popular beach resort Huatabampito.

Spanning almost 20 kilometres , here you will find a virgin beach resort endowed with warm golden sands and transparent green waters which droves visitors in there thousands during the holiday seasons.

Rare views of migrating whales

Between January and March Huatabampito’s coastline offers visitors the unique opportunity to experience a rare view of whales migrating from the cold waters seeking to mate and reproduce in the warm waters of the Gulf of California. Providing a spectacular sight, and a perfect opportunity to capture many breathtaking photographs of these amazing sea mammals as they head north during the late winter months.

Recreational activities and accommodation facilities

Offering plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy, throughout various times of the year one of the main attractions for visitors is to watch the competition speedboat and quad bike racing. Visitors also have access to many fun activities including sailing and boat rides, fishing and a recreational sports ground that is open all year.

As you explore the area you will become acquainted with many species of birds and aquatic wildlife, and there are various restaurants dotted along the coastline providing live music entertainment and offering dishes prepared with freshly caught fish. There is also a variety of accommodation establishments and recreational vehicle parks (RV Parks) making Huatabampito the perfect destination for all travellers and tourists.

How to get to Huatabampito

Whilst staying in Ciudad Obregon, we highly recommend you experience the delights of this perfect beach resort.

To get there, from Obregon you simply drive down the Highway 15 southbound until you reach Navojoa, then follow the signs located in Navojoa to Huatabampito. The journey by car takes approximately 90 minutes.

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