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Huivulai Island - A tranquil haven for everybody

Located 40 minutes away from Ciudad Obregon is the scenic and popular tourist destination Huivulai Island.

Landscaped with golden sand dunes and surrounded by the sea of Cortez, this island, which spans 20-kilometers in length and 1.2 kilometres wide, is a haven for a variety of wildlife where tourists regularly spot many varieties of birds including cranes, herons, pelicans, spoonbills and turnstones to name just a few.

Huivulai is also known as “Long Neck” by the indigenous Mayo tribe, and sees many visitors flock to the island each year in pursuit of a relaxing break where they can swim among the gentle waves of the warm and tranquil transparent  blue green waters surrounding the island.

Sports and Recreation         

Sporting activities are very popular in this area, and you can regularly see many people fishing off shoreline for species such as sea bass and mullet. Other than fishing, because of the vast array of sand dunes that make up the majority of this island, many people participate in 4x4 off-road racing during the weekends and holiday seasons.

More than just sand and sea

The beach is not popular just for its calm warm waters and golden sand dunes.  If you visit this island, you will also find a spectacular 97-meter deep fresh water well/pond (Pozo de Agua) which is surrounded by a magnificent display of date producing-palm trees, which also attract a variety of birds such as grey and white pelicans, corvettas, albatross and the fulvous whistling duck.

The island also has a claim to fame, as it was the main setting for a film production named 'Todo Por Nada' in 1964.

Whilst staying in Ciudad Obregon, you should take a day or two out to experience the islands treasures, which will give you plenty of time to develop a nice golden suntan in the most tranquil of settings.

You can access the island by road, which is located 45 kilometres south of Ciudad Obregon and 3 kilometres from the mainland.

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