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Department Stores in Ciudad Obregon

Fabrica de Francia

Fabrica de Francia is the most popular one-stop department store of Ciudad Obregon. Here you can find an extensive designer clothing and fragrance section catering for men, women and children, with labels such as Hugo Boss, Ferrioni, Calvin Klein, Armani, Dior, Este lauder amongst many other top names.

Address: Califonia y Guerro, Ciudad Obregon, Sonora
Zip Code: 85140
Tel: 410-58-00


Coppel is another one-stop department store with two main branches located in Ciudad Obregon. Here you can find many top clothing designer brands as well as a variety of gift options for men, women and children and fashionable living accessories and household equipment.

Address: 5 de Febrero, Sur 520, Ciudad Obregon, Sonora
Zip Code: 85000
Tel: 413-02-36


Famsa is Ciudad Obregon’s largest department store with two outlets located in the city. Here you can lay your hands on anything from the latest electrical goods to some of the best fashion accessories. The main department located near Plaza Soriana is well worth a visit if you are for a good bargain.

Address 1: No Reeleccion #905 Oriente, Colonia Centro, Ciudad Obregon, Sonora
Zip Code: 85000

Address 2: Boulevard Rodolfo Elias Calles #1740, Colonia Bella Vista, Obregon
Zip Code: 83138


Garcia is located in the center of Ciudad Obregon and is one of the city’s most popular clothing and fragrance stores. Here you can find many bargains including discounts on popular brand name clothing for men women and children of all ages.

Address: Miguel Aleman y Galeana, Ciudad Obregon, Sonora
Zip Code: 85000


Yet another popular department store located in the center of Obregon’s shopping district. Woolworth stocks a wide variety of products ranging from household items to gifts for men, women and children. You can find almost anything and is a great place to shop for children’s toys, household accessories, fashion apparel and electrical goods.

Address: Galeana #700 Oriente, Entre Sonora y 5 de Febrero, Obregon
Zip Code: 85000
Tel: 413-90-83

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