Parking in Ciudad Obregon

Obregon Parking Rules and Signs

Parking in Ciudad Obregon can be very easy as long as you follow the rules. There are a few different regulations to follow, but nothing too complicated.

Residential parking areas

In most residential areas, it is permitted to park your vehicle on the kerbside of the road. If you park in a residential area, we recommend that you take into consideration that most properties in residential areas have private driveways, so take care not to block access.

Red, yellow, green and blue kerbsides

When driving in Ciudad Obregon you will see that some kerbsides are painted in red, green, yellow or blue. These are painted to indicate parking permissions, and can often be found located downtown, in highly congested areas and outside businesses and shopping centres.

Car parks in Ciudad Obregon

Car parks are located all over Ciudad Obregon and provide much better parking facilities to on-street parking. You will find that many businesses in Ciudad Obregón offer exclusive parking for clients. Most car parks are free, but you'll usually have to pay at airports and secure parking facilities. Fares vary depending on location and time.

Car parks can be found at airports, and large supermarkets, or simply in an area where extra parking is needed. For car park servicing a particular company, you usually have to be a customer to use them. For some car parks there's a time restraint on how long you can stay.

Restricted Parking Zones

Picture of a no parking sign in Ciudad ObregonYou will probably get the feeling that you can park anywhere you want in Ciudad Obregon, but don’t. When you see a sign similar to this, what can happen is that the police can and sometimes do take your license plates or even impound the vehicle.

Some signs display permitted parking times like the image displayed at the top of this page; we recommend that you obey these rules to prevent any issues with the local authorities.

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