Casa Rosalva

Promoting National and International Artistic Expression

Brief Introduction

During the development of the Cajeme, Casa Rosalva was originally one of the first houses to be built in Ciudad Obregon and during the 1920’s. Between 2002 and 2004, the building was completely remodeled, restored and fitted out, and in April 2004, it opened its doors as a permanent forum for artistic expression and a cultural space for the exhibition of works of art.

Recognition and Funding

Casa Rosalva is a non-profit, privately funded project, which receives support from various public institutions and programs. The gallery has received national and international recognition and regularly exhibits works of art produced by many internationally recognised artists.

Exhibitions and Events

The building hosts numerous events throughout the year to promote all forms of artistic expression ranging from, musical, literary and cinematographic art. Within its galleries, you will have the opportunity to view many national and international contemporary, graphical and sculptural art forms.

The gallery is open most of the year and provides private off-road parking facilities. Adjacent to Casa Rosalva is a very popular café where you can also view art exhibits produced by many local artists.

Opening times and Location
The gallery is open 10am – 6pm Monday – Sunday and admission is usually free of charge.

Address: Casa Rosalva, Chicuana No.147 North Entry, Allende e Hidalgo. Obregon
Postal Code: 85000
Phone: (644) 415-50-32 / (644) 415-58-25
Website: /

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