Centre for Popular Cultures

Preserving & Promoting the Culture and Traditions of Southern Sonora

Centre for Popular Cultures

The Centre for Popular Cultures was founded in Ciudad Obregon in 1999 and the projects objectives are to rescue, promote and spread the cultural values of all the ethnic groups and popular cultures belonging to southern Sonora.

One of the focuses of the centre is to liaise with the four tribes that exist in southern Sonora; the Yaqui, Mayo, Pima and Guarijío tribes. The centre is responsible for implementing projects that promote cultural rights within the state. Such projects include the PACMYC program, which the abbreviation in English stands for “Program of Support for Municipal and Community Cultures”.

The centre works closely with six centres of culture of the indigenous people located in the traditional tribal towns and villages; Loma de Guamuchil, Tórim, Pótam, Rahum, Huírivis and Pithaya.

Art Gallery and Cultural Exhibitions

It is well worth a visit to the centre, people of all ages will find something fascinating to interesting.

The centre has a purpose designed art gallery, which regularly exhibits artwork of various artistic manifestations of our popular culture and indigenous tribes. Many visitors have enjoyed viewing some of the traditional children’s toys as well as many original Mexican-farming utensils that have were used in the 19th century in the Yaquis Valley, and within the Sonora Mining Industry. There are regular exhibits by local, national and international artists on show too.

Courses for people of all ages

The centre often runs several regular courses throughout the year where you can learn a new language or develop a new skill. Courses include learning the Yaqui, English and French language, Guitar Classes, Drawing and painting classes to name a few.

Learn about the Yaquis Tribe interactively

The centre has developed an interactive computer CD that allows people to investigate the Yaquis tribe and culture in detail. It is a trilingual CD in Yaqui, Spanish and English, and covers many topics including;

CD recordings of traditional Yaqui songs are also available which include the Songs of the Deer, Song of Matachin and Songs of Pascola, all played with traditional Yaqui instruments (Harp, Violin, Flute and Drums). The CD also contains a selection of songs from popular music groups.

Opening times and Location:
The centre is open Monday-Friday 8am – 7pm

Admission: free of charge.
Address: Blvd Rodolfo Elias, Calle 200 and Colima, Colonio Centro, Obregon, Sonora
Postal Code: 85000
Phone: (644) 416-46-84

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