Ciudad Obregon Seafood

Probably the Best Seafood in the North of Mexico.

Being located only 1 hour away from the important seaport and fishing town Guaymas, we have an all-year-round abundant and largely varied supply of fresh seafood.

Seafood is one of Ciudad Obregon’s culinary specialties and people travelling from all international destinations always have something positive to say the quality and tastes of our seafood dishes.

We are home to several highly popular and much talked about seafood restaurants dedicated to providing top quality freshly prepared meals. If you are a fan of seafood, we recommend you sample some of their scrumptious dishes during your stay.

Below is a sample of some of the Seafood dishes available in Ciudad Obregon.

This dish allows you to sample a variety of our local catches and shellfish. It is a combination of the freshest marinated white fish, juicy king prawns, squid, mussels and clams cooked with due diligence and served on a large sizzling platter with mushrooms and onions.  A tasty choice for the adventurous palette.

Ensalada de Mariscos
This is a very popular salad dish available in many Obregon seafood restaurants. The dish is prepared with crisp lettuce leaves, coarsely chopped ripened tomatoes and sliced avocado, topped with an assortment of freshly cooked fish including squid and large juicy king prawns.  Usually served with crispy tostadas and jalapeño vinaigrette.

Camarones a la Sal de Roca
If you are a lover of prawns then this dish will certainly hit the spot! This is a dish consisting of the largest king prawns you could imagine, marinated in “Mojo de Ajo” which is marinade made of garlic before being cooked over rock salt and served with a garlic dressing. The dish; not over-powered by garlic but will certainly keep the vampires at bay!

Huachinango Entomatado
Obregon, being situated close to the Sea of Cortez gives us the widest variety of seafood imaginable. This dish is prepared using the freshest catch of Pacific Snapper, which is sautéed with sliced mushrooms, jalapeno chillies, freshly chopped onions, ripened tomatoes and roasted garlic.  A dish that is snapped up by many tourists.

Caldo De Mariscos
This is a mildly spicy soup based dish, which, although we say is spicy, it is more than suitable for the most modest of all chilli novices. This dish consists of an assortment of freshly prepared seafood cooked and served in a spicy seafood broth with potatoes, chayote, cabbage and carrots. 

Are your taste buds losing control yet?

If you are convinced to sample some of our seafood specialities during your visit, you have access to many of the seafood restaurants in Ciudad Obregon in our Obregon tourist information directory.

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