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A brief introduction to the history of golf

The first ever golf club to be set up was the Royal Blackheath in Britain, and the earliest documentation of golf originates from as far back as 1457 when it is said that the Scottish King ‘James II’ decided to ban golf and football as he believed the games distracted young men from their archery practice.

From days gone by to the present date, golf has become a mainstream sport followed by people from all occupations and walks of life, and it is estimated that almost 55 million individuals worldwide participate in this sport.

Ciudad Obregon is no exception when it comes to the subject of Golf, our popular golf course regularly attracts professional golfers from within Mexico and in the United states.

Obregon Golf Course

In 1968 an English descendent named Percy Clifford designed a 9-hole golf course in Ciudad Obregon and later in 1972 the course was expanded to a professional 18-hole 72 par golf course which is privately owned and managed by the Club de Golf de Obregón who’s current president is  Dr. Javier Herrera Durón.

The golf course is located on the international highway 7km north of Ciudad Obregon, and occupies 148 acres of land.

The golf club allows non members to use the course throughout the week and it only costs $350 pesos for 18 holes, which is equivalent to about £17.50 GBP or $30 USD.

The club boasts a private swimming pool, bar and a special events area; caddies and professional coaches are available for hire too, for a small extra fee.

For more information, you can contact the golf club by telephoning the following numbers:

(644) 418-0151
(644) 418-0044
(644) 413-3796
(644) 454-9815

Alternatively, Email:

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