Hunting in Ciudad Obregon

Duck, Dove, Rabbit and Deer Waiting for YOU!

Ciudad Obregon is home to an area land spanning several thousands of acres, reserved specifically for recreational and sport hunting. Every year we see hundreds of tourists and hunting enthusiasts flock from all corners of the globe wishing to experience the ‘hunt and catch’ opportunities our game land has to offer.

All hunting in Ciudad Obregon is scientifically managed to guarantee over-hunting does not take place, and is regulated by strict policies that allow hunting officials to ensure respect for local ecology and sustainability of future hunting in Obregon.

Duck, Dove and Bird Hunting

Between November and March, the land reserved for hunting in Obregon becomes host to several species of poultry and game birds. Duck species include Canvasbacks, Cinnamon, Gadwell, Green, Pintail, Redhead and Black Brants to name a few. White-winged Doves, Canadian duck and turkey also drove hunters in mass flocks to our region during the hunting season.

Rabbit & Deer Hunting

Obregon has established a name for itself being “the ideal hunter’s paradise”. Our land is perfect for any hunter who wishes to experience a true adventure and perpetual challenge in the most natural of settings. Rabbit is a very popular catch in our region, but even better is the profusion of wild deer that stray about the managed regional game reserves from ages 31/2 to 8 years+.

Private Game Ranches

If hunting is a passion then you will be at home (in the ideal hunters’ paradise) here in Obregon, and if you are a first timer or novice, we offer the perfect opportunity to explore and experience this sport under properly supervised guidance.

Private game ranches in Obregon offer the perfect opportunity to explore and enjoy hunting the plentiful supply of game and poultry available in our rich and fertile region with the guidance from experienced professionals.

Many Game ranches provide packages, which include all your accommodation, transportation, meals, gun permits, Mexican hunting license, rifles and cartridges too, so if you are vacationing in Ciudad Obregon, everything to make your hunting experience enjoyable can be provided.

Recommended Game Ranches and guided tours

This section will be updated very soon with information on recommended game ranches and guided hunting tour operators.

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