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Drink Driving in Ciudad Obregon

Drink driving - Don't take the risk

In Mexico drink driving is a very serious crime and can result in a very substantial prison sentence. Driving laws and regulations in Ciudad Obregon are governed by the State of Sonora.

Alcohol can have a serious affect on judgment and response times and your ability operate a vehicle correctly. The legal limit in Mexico is 0.80% of alcohol in the blood stream.

Here are some of the effects alcohol can have on you when you drive:

Myths about drinking and recovery times

There are some myths which people believe can reduce the time it takes for alcohol to leave your body, these include; drinking substantial amounts of coffee, sleeping and taking a cold shower to name just a few.

The truth is; alcohol leaves your body in two ways. 10% leaves through the breath, perspiration (sweat), and urine. The remaining 90% is broken down through your body’s metabolism.

A general rule for alcohol leaving your body is 1-unit of alcohol per hour, but you must not count the first hour you began to consume alcohol as it takes approximately 1 hour for the alcohol to be fully digested and enter your blood stream.

For example:
If over a duration of 1 hour you consume 6 units of alcohol, it would actually take 7 hours for it to leave your body completely. No matter what techniques you attempt in order to make the alcohol exit your body quicker, it’s impossible…

Police rights in Ciudad Obregon

Police can stop you at any time, and if they have reason to believe you are under the influence of alcohol, they have the right to transport you to a police station and test the level of alcohol in your blood stream by means of urine or breathe tests.

The maximum penalties for drink driving in Ciudad Obregon

if you're convicted of driving or attempting to drive whilst above the legal limit in Ciudad Obregon, are;

For your own safety and the safety of others, if you're going to drink whilst staying in Ciudad Obregon, we highly advise that you arrange alternative means of transport.

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