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Police Stops in Ciudad Obregon

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What to do in the event of a police stop

The police can stop you at any time, and failing to stop is a criminal offence. If the police stop you, by law you will have to produce your drivers' license, certificate of insurance and vehicle registration documents.

If the police want to stop your vehicle, they'll try to attract your attention by:

What should you do if the police stop you for a traffic offence?

If you are stopped by the police for conducting a traffic violation in Ciudad Obregon, you should politely insist on a written citation that you can pay at the police station. It is usual for a police officer to take your driver’s license and/or vehicle license plates once issued with a citation and these will be returned to you when you pay the penalty (fine) at the police station. Make sure you make a note of the police officers number and details of the incident.

The most common reason for police stops in Ciudad Obregon.

Speeding is one of the most common reasons for being stopped by the police. It is common for people especially from Europe to mistake the speed limit signs as they are displayed in ‘Kilometres per hour’ instead of ‘miles per hour’.
If you believe that, a fine or penalty charge as been issued unfairly you have the right to contest it by appealing against the decision. This process involves going before the nearest Municipal judge.

Police bribes - we recommend not!
Do not on any occasion attempt to offer any police officer a bribe. Firstly, it is illegal and a criminal offence, secondly it can land you in a greater deal of trouble as most police officers are honest people trying to uphold the law, and this could be regarded as offensive and not dealt with lightly.

Although not common practice, if a police officer offers you a bribe, you should certainly refuse and insist they provide you with an official citation for you to pay at a police station. A bribe can usually work out much more expensive, and if caught can land you in serious trouble. If offered a bribe, refuse it directly, take the officers details, and then report them.

The number to report bad cops in Mexico is toll free 91-800-00148

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