Practical Information


All the things you need to know to make your visit to Cd. (Ciudad) Obregon as easy as possible. This section contains essential information for anybody planning to visit Ciudad Obregon. You’ll find important advice about everything from Mexican Customs & Immigration, visas requirements to public holidays and payphones and banking facilities

Customs & Immigration

All the essential information for entering Mexico from another country including visa information and customs restrictions.

Customs & immigration

Money & Currency

This section provides useful information about exchanging currency, pricing of general day-to-day items, banks and paying for products and services.

Money & currency


Obregon has a very modern communication structure; everything you need to know about phone services, postal system, internet and email – find out more.


Time Zones & Holidays

Here you can find all the important dates for national holidays and celebrations in Ciudad Obregon and our national school vacations.

Time zones & holidays


Frequently asked common question about Ciudad Obregon

Frequently Asked Questions

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