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Domestic Electricity Supply

The voltage used in Mexico is the same as in the USA 120 Volts 60HZ. Most power sockets are designed for standard 2-pin plugs. Electrical appliances in Mexico generally use the American standard plug with two narrow pins.

Any electrical equipment you bring to Mexico that runs on a voltage higher than 240-volts will need to be dual voltage (e.g. a hairdryer). Most electrical equipment such as, video cameras, mobile cell phones, laptop computers and digital cameras operate on 12-volts adaptors that come supplied by the manufacturer will work fine in Mexico providing you purchase the necessary plug adaptor and power transformers that are widely available in most electrical shops and hardware stores.

Domestic Water Supply

The quality of tap water in Mexico is very poor. You can’t drink water from taps due to the lack of purification for human consumption and you run the risk of getting an upset stomach if consumed. It is recommended that you brush your teeth using bottled water, and when taking a shower try not to get any shower water into your mouth as this can also lead to a stomach upset, although the water supply is safe for bathing and cleanliness, and for washing dishes (if used with a detergent).

It is a common rule for locals to consume bottled water, which is readily available in all local grocery shops and supermarkets, and we recommend that any visitors to Ciudad Obregon follow this rule. Also, do not consume any ice unless you can confirm that it is made from purified water.

Domestic Gas Supply

It is more common in Mexico to use gas for domestic and commercial cooking and for heating boilers for hot water.

Domestic gas is not provided directly through ‘Mains Supply’ as it is in Europe and some other countries. Instead, most properties in Mexico have external gas tanks on the roofs of the premises, or replaceable gas cylinders that are refilled as and when needed. On average a 50kg, gas cylinder costs $400 Mexican Pesos, and this will last in the summer about 2 months, and in winter 1 month.

Car fuel

Most domestic and family cars in Mexico run off petrol, whilst buses, lorries and commercial transportation vehicles run off diesel. Petrol is available in Mexico as Premium (red pump) or Standard (green pump) and most recent models of cars operate on using unleaded Petrol.

When filling up at a Petrol station in Mexico, it is common to have an attendant fill up your car to a requested amount. The usual method of payment is in cash, but some gas stations are now starting to accept payment by Debit/Credit Cards. We advise that you check with the gas attendant first if they accept credit/debit cards. If not, there are usually cash machines within 5 minutes walk of most petrol stations.


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