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Medicine & Insurance

Medical and Travel Insurance

When travelling to any overseas country, we strongly advise you to take out adequate insurance before travelling to Mexico.

If you cannot find a suitable travel insurance package on the internet, visit a local travel agent, as they will be able to provide you with information for obtaining a suitable policy.

Bringing medicine into Mexico

If you want to bring medicine into Mexico, the following rules apply;

Remember that some medicines available over-the-counter in other countries may be controlled in Mexico, and vice versa.

Pharmacies & Chemists in Ciudad Obregon

In Ciudad Obregon, you can obtain most prescription drugs from other countries as over-the-counter drugs (non-prescription), as well as any other no prescription medications. Pharmacies in Ciudad Obregon also offer expert medical advice if required. We recommend that you carry a letter from your doctor stating your prescription and dosage if you are taking any medication with you to Ciudad Obregon.

Pharmacy opening hours in Ciudad Obregon

Most pharmacies in Ciudad Obregon are open from 8:30am until 10pm during the week, there are at least four pharmacies in Ciudad Obregon that are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So if you are in need of any legally obtainable medication whilst staying in Ciudad Obregon it will be easily accessible at all times.

Vaccinations & Inoculations

You do not require an International Certificate of Vaccination when travelling to the Mexico.

Food & Water

Food hygiene standards in Ciudad Obregon are very high, and if you simply observe the normal precautions when consuming food products, i.e. ensure it is thoroughly cooked, or that it is within the expiree date. Water on the other hand is something you must be precautious about.

Tap water in Ciudad Obregon as well as the whole of Mexico is not recommended for human consumption without proper purification treatment. You should only consume bottled or purified water, readily available at in local shops, restaurants, hotels and supermarkets. Salads washed in tap water, in tap water, or ice made from tap water can cause mild stomach upsets so be precautious about this and if in any doubt, ask!

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