Frequently Asked Questions

What documents do I need to enter Mexico?

You need a valid national passport or other equivalent official document that satisfactorily establishes your identity and nationality. If you aren't a citizen of Mexico, you may also need a visa (entry clearance certificate) or FMT Tourist Permit.

See: Passports & Visas

What items are prohibited or restricted to bring into the Mexico?

Some items such as unlicensed drugs, weaponry and counterfeit goods are prohibited - banned completely. Other goods such as gas canisters, live animals and certain plants are restricted - you cannot import them without authority such as a license.

See: Prohibited & Restricted Goods

Can I bring my pet with me to Ciudad Obregon?

Dogs and cats are allowed to enter Mexico providing you have an official Health certificate provided by a licensed veterinarian and your pet(s) have vaccination against Rabies and Distemper, at least 2 weeks prior to your pet entering Mexico. Other animals may special permission to enter Mexico.

See: Travelling with Pets

Where can I change currency in Ciudad Obregon?

Foreign currency can easily be exchanged at banks, some hotels and Bureau de Change kiosks, which are found in the downtown areas of Ciudad Obregon.

See: Currency & Exchanging Money

Where can I use my credit/debit card in Ciudad Obregon?

All credit cards that bear the Visa, MasterCard or American Express logo are widely accepted in Ciudad Obregon. If your card does not bear one of these logos, you should ask the retailer in advance if you could use it.

See: Banks, ATMs & Credit Cards

Are Euros or US Dollars accepted anywhere in Ciudad Obregon?

Euros are not accepted anywhere in Ciudad Obregon, but most banks will exchange them. US Dollars are widely accepted in most retail and convenience stores throughout Ciudad Obregon.

See: Currency & Exchanging Money

How much do daily items cost in Ciudad Obregon?

Here's the approximate cost of a few daily items:

See: Price Guide & Tipping

When are public and school holidays in Ciudad Obregon?

Public holidays: 1st January, 5th February, 24th February, 1st May, 5th May, 16th September, 12th October, 20th November, 25th December. The school holidays are 8 weeks from mid-June to mid-August and 2 weeks at Christmas and at Easter.

See: Time Zones & Holidays

What's the weather like in Ciudad Obregon?

Ciudad Obregon has a consistent temperature and climate structure throughout the 4 seasons. You can expect similar weather tomorrow as it is today and generally, spring and summer (March-September) is a hot 23-48°C, and winter (December-February) is a warm 9-30°C.

See: Weather in Ciudad Obregon

What type of plug adaptor do I need?

Electrical appliances in Mexico generally use the American standard plug with 2 narrow pins. The voltage used in Mexico is the same as in the USA 120 Volts 60HZ.

See: Utilities & Services

Do I need medical insurance?

As with travelling to any overseas country, we strongly advise you to take out adequate insurance before travelling to Mexico. If you cannot find a suitable travel insurance package on the internet, visit a local travel agent, as they will be able to provide you with information for obtaining a suitable policy.

See: Medicine & Health

What do I do if I need to see a doctor?

If you are unwell during your visit Ciudad Obregon, first consult a pharmacist in Ciudad Obregon. They will advise on medical treatments available over-the-counter. If the pharmacists are unable to help you, or your symptoms become worse, we advise you to go to a medical clinic and seek advice from a specialist medical professional.

See: Emergency Treatment

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