Personal Safety in Ciudad Obregon

How safe is Ciudad Obregon?

Ciudad Obregon is a safe city with extremely low rates of street crime and violence. With a high police presence and fast response rate, Obregon Sonora is one of the safest cities for holiday destinations in the northern state of Sonora.

We have produced the general guide to help you maximize your personal safety and visitors experience during your trip to Ciudad Obregon.

Emergency situations in Ciudad Obregon

In an emergency that requires ambulance (Cruz Roja), police (Policía) or fire (Bomberos) services dial 060 or 066 from any telephone.


It is recommended that you take out adequate insurance before you leave to any overseas country to cover you for any health and medical issues or theft or damage to your belongings.

Tips to help you stay safe in Ciudad Obregon

Using public transport & taxis in Ciudad Obregon

Be safe on the streets of Ciudad Obregon

At your Accommodation 

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