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Here is a general price guide for a few common items, all prices are in Mexican Currency Pesos ($):

Tipping in Ciudad Obregon

Tipping is customarily practiced in Ciudad Obregon, it is expected and appreciated in return for the excellent service you commonly receive everywhere you go.

Most people working in Ciudad Obregon’s service and tourism sectors depend on your tips to supplement the basic pay they receive. You are sure to expect a fantastic and reliable service almost everywhere you go as the tips, no matter how insignificant they seem to you, really do make a difference them.

When you out and about in Ciudad Obregon try to keep a small amount of loose change in your pocket or purse for those instances where you should provide a tip for the service you receive.

You often find young people packing your groceries’ for you at the local supermarket, and when you are leaving the car park in most supermarkets, you usually find someone willing to assist you exiting your parking space and returning your shopping basket to the store. It is common to tip these people to show appreciation for their service, and we recommend $1-$3 pesos as a standard service tip.


Most hotels in Ciudad Obregon include a service charge in the total bill, which is usually between 8-15%. For rooms, you can leave an optional amount to room staff, when you leave the hotel it is common for people to leave a service tip of around $20 Pesos for each nights stay.


Restaurants in Ciudad Obregon don’t usually include a service charge in the bill, it is common to give between 10-15% of the bill depending on the class of establishment and the service that you received, but this is discretionary, so do not feel obliged to leave any tip if you feel the level of service was poor.

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