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Computers & laptops in Ciudad Obregon

You should be able to use your computer, notebook or laptop In Ciudad Obregon or anywhere else in Mexico. The electricity supply in Mexico runs on 110 volts, unlike Europe where the electricity runs on 220 volts.

If you are travelling from Europe or any country that runs on a different voltage to Mexico’s 110 volts you will need to bring an adapter, which are available from most electrical outlets to plug your computer or any other device such as a digital mobile cell phone or a digital camera charger.

Email & the internet in Ciudad Obregon

High Speed internet is widely available in Ciudad Obregon and you can often gain access from your hotel, which may have connection in the rooms or a computer suite offering access to guests. Alternatively, you can use one of the many excellent internet cafés in Ciudad Obregon. You will find them everywhere down town. Most have excellent rates and connection speeds and prices are usually around $20 Mexican Pesos per hour.

WI-FI access in Ciudad Obregon

There are a number of stand-alone Wi-Fi services available in Ciudad Obregon. If you don’t have access to land based internet these services could be useful if you are out and about and need internet access.

You will find that most independent coffee shops located downtown and some fast food places (e.g. MacDonald’s) offer free WiFi internet access to customers. Most of the larger hotels and some restaurants in Ciudad Obregon have started to offer wireless internet access, but some of the hotels in Ciudad Obregon charge a small fee for this service.

Internet access though Cellular Networks

Telmex, Movistar and Iusacell offer high-speed internet access over the 3G network system. This service can be access by purchasing a special USB device from one of the cellular networks that offer the 3G service which acts as an antenna for sending and receiving data through the internet on the 3G network system.

You will need to sign up to a monthly or annual contract to gain access to these services via one of the above mentioned cellular network companies. Please be aware that the internet coverage on the 3G services in Ciudad Obregon is fairly reliable and extensive, but it is not as extensive as the voice services provided by the cellular networks.

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